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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. Unfollow Follow Unblock. Other Affiliations:. Timely detection and monitoring of oil leakage by satellite optical data more. Sea oil pollution can derive from different sources. Katrina Hurricane, for example, hitting oil and gas infrastructures off USA coasts caused the destruction of more than platforms and the release into the sea of more than 10, gallons of crude oil.

In order to reduce the environmental impact of such kind of technological hazards, timely detection and continuously updated information are fundamental. Satellite remote sensing can give a significant contribution in such a direction. Anyway, due to their current revisiting cycles, SAR systems cannot be profitably used for a rapid detection and for a continuous and near real-time monitoring of these phenomena.

Until COSMO-Skymed SAR constellation, that will be able to improve SAR observational frequency, will not be fully operational, passive optical sensors on board meteorological satellites, thanks to their high temporal resolution, may represent a suitable alternative for early detection and continuous monitoring of oil spills, provided that adequate and reliable data analysis techniques exist. Recently, an innovative technique for oil spill detection and monitoring, based on the general Robust Satellite Techniques RST approach, has been proposed.

It exploits the multi-temporal analysis of optical data acquired by both AVHRR Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer and MODIS Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer sensors in order to detect, automatically and timely, the presence of oil spill over the sea surface, trying to minimize the "false-detections" possibly caused by spurious effects e.

In this paper, preliminary results obtained applying the proposed methodology to different test-cases are shown and discussed. Publication Date: View on adsabs.

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Save to Library. Soil moisture is a critical element for both global water and energy budget. The use of satellite remote sensing data for a characterizations of soil moisture fields at different spatial and temporal scales has more and more increased The use of satellite remote sensing data for a characterizations of soil moisture fields at different spatial and temporal scales has more and more increased during last years, thanks also to the new generation of microwave sensors both active and passive orbiting around the Earth.

Among microwave radiometers which could be used for soil moisture retrieval, the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer on Earth Observing System AMSR-Eis the one that, for its spectral characteristics, should give more reliable results. The possibility of collect information in five observational bands in the range 6. For this reason, often X-band less RFI affected based soil moisture retrieval algorithms, instead of the original based on C-band, have been preferred.

As a consequence, the sensitivity of such measurements is decreased, because of the lower penetrating capability of the X band wavelengths than C-band, as well as for their greater noisiness, due to their high sensitivity to the presence of vegetation in the sensor field of view.

In order to face all these problems, in this work a general methodology for multi-temporal satellite data analysis Robust Satellite Techniques, RST will be used. RST approach, already successfully applied in the framework of hydro-meteorological risk mitigation, should help us in managing AMSR-E data for several purposes. In this paper, in particular, we have looked into the possible improvement, both in terms of quality and reliability, of AMSR-E C-band soil moisture retrieval which, a differential approach like RST, may produce.

Preliminary results of such an analysis will be shown in this work and discussed also by a comparison with the standard AMSR-E soil moisture products, daily provided by NASA. In detail, achievements obtained investigating several flooding events happened in the past over different areas of the world will be presented.

Saharan dust has been particularly studied for its relevant climatological implications and for damage mitigation purposes.To browse Academia. Skip to main content.

Log In Sign Up. Irina Coviello. Loja — Tito Scalo Italy. ABSTRACT moreover, the reliability in oil spill detection is also limited by the influence of wind speed in acquiring signal and the Timely detection and continuously updated information are presence of natural films or rain cells that give an oil spill fundamental in reducing the ecological impact of the similar signal look-alikes.

Satellite remote sensing, The present SAR revisiting time limitation will be especially from meteorological platforms having a high overcame when COSMO-Skymed mission will be fully temporal resolution and an easy data delivery, can be deployed expected for theand a SAR constellation profitably used for a near real time sea monitoring. This technique has context.

They, in fact, offer the best temporal resolution occurred during Lebanon war inare shown and nowadays available from space from several hours to few discussed. Reliable optical satellite techniques for an automatic oil 1. They can localize the Oil spill disasters seriously threaten marine ecosystem: presence of an oil spill only after an alert and require the reducing such kind of technological hazard is essential for presence of an experienced operator.

Satellite remote sensing might effectively Thermal TIR Infrared spectral regions [6] [20] exploit oil contribute to mitigate oil spill environmental impact, and water different thermal inertia to detect oil spill sea provided that reliable and effective detection techniques will pollution. Oil thermal inertia, in fact, is lower than sea water be developed, and relevant information and products may be one, and so oil polluted areas usually show higher brightness timely delivered and shared.

Unfortunately, the etc. In spite of the in the same observational conditions i. MODIS, like contributions e. MODIS, in fact, regional spatial scale [5]. Remembering oil spill spectral signatures in respectively channel Main aims of such an attempt are: i correspondence of polluted zones, high positive negative verify the full exportability of the RST that is sensor- values of the index during the day night.

On July 13 and 15, the oil-fuelled 2. Part The RST approach exploits the analysis of long-term multi- of the storage tanks caught fire and were burning for several temporal satellite records in order to obtain a former days.

Approximately 30, tons of heavy fuel oil was characterization of the measured signal, in term of expected spilled into the Mediterranean Sea as a result of the blast value and natural variability, providing a further [10]. Due to south-westerly winds and the sea currents, the identification of signal anomalies by an automatic, oil spill was partly carried out to sea and partly dispersed unsupervised change detection step using specific threshold along the coast of Lebanon from the Damour region south of for time and place of observation.

Beirut to the Syrian border in the North [10] Figure 1. In its first application for oil spill monitoring [3] [4] [5], the signal under investigation was the one measured in AVHRR TIR channels in order to exploit the different thermal inertia between oil polluted areas and sea water at these wavelengths. For the Besides, if using such an approach at higher threshold computation of MODIS reference fields the historical data levels i.

We chose NOAA 14, 16 of emulsion in sea water. In this paper, for sake of brevity, only the results for the first day in which the oil was detected will be shown: the 28 July at Land is masked in black. This attest, once again, the fully the RST context, that observed signal exceeds 3 times at exportability of the proposed technique. Preliminary least the historically observed local variability. Moreover, it achievements obtained in this work confirm the expected should be noted that the technique does not need of RST exportability as well as the potential of such an whatever human supervision, automatically generating the approach, in automatically detecting and mapping oil spill.

In fact, the investigation of RETIRA index at lower relative Obtained results confirm the robustness and reliability intensities allow us to map oil spills structure and extent as of the RST, TIR-based, approach independently from the well as on their emulsion level and thickness.

Results achieved for the Also in this mapping phase the two sensors are in good two sensors seem in good agreement even if, in this case, agreement. A possible step forward is the possibility to the extent of the spilled areas appear underestimated by exploit the better spatial resolution offered by MODIS VIS AVHRR, due to the differences in population of used data m for a more detailed mapping of the previously historical dataset and in satellite view angles over the ROI.

S Grimaldi, I. Coviello, T.EMSEV Search this site. Photo Gallery. Scientific Program. International Committee.

coviello, irina

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Bleier, and G. Glen, Darcy K. McPhee, Simon L. Sunday, October 3 Welcome Reception Venue: Ayres Inn. Monday, October 4 John Eichelberger Invited. Seismo-magnetic effect from El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake Mw 7. Palangio, C. Di LorenzoA. Meloni, and U.

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Papadopoulos and G. Session : Electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic methods related to earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic, landslides and geothermal activities Chair - Malcolm Johnston. Malcolm Johnston. Kappler Invited. Session: Electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic methods related to earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic, landslides and geothermal activities Cont.

Dr. Marouane Temimi

Chair - Friedemann Freund. Zlotnicki, Y. Thomas, Jeffrey J.Flooding represents a serious threat to millions of people around the world and its hazard is rising as a result of climate changes. From this perspective, flood risk management is a key focus of many governments, whose priority is to have frequently updated and accurate information about the flood state and evolution to promptly react to the disaster and to put in place effective countermeasures devoted to limit damages and human lives losses.

Remote sensing technology allows for flood monitoring at different spatial and temporal resolutions with an adequate level of accuracy. In particular, for emergency response purposes, an integrated use of satellite data, acquired by both optical and passive or active microwave instruments, has to be preferred to have more complete and frequently updated information on soil conditions and to better support decision makers.

In detail, the Robust Satellite Techniques RSTa multi-sensor approach for satellite data analysis, has been implemented for studying the August Elbe river flood occurred in Germany, trying to assess the potential of such an integrated system for the determination of soil status and conditions i.

Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Advertisement Hide. Conference paper First Online: 22 August This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Faruolo M, Coviello I, Lacava T, Pergola N, Tramutoli V A multi-sensor exportable approach for automatic flooded areas detection and monitoring by a composite satellite constellation.

Print ISBN: Digital media, updated daily. June —May Google Scholar. Sanyal J, Lu XX Application of remote sensing in flood management with special reference to monsoon Asia: a review.


Hydr Process 25—— Tramutoli V Robust satellite techniques RST for natural and environmental hazards monitoring and mitigation: theory and applications. Weather — CrossRef Google Scholar. Personalised recommendations. Cite paper How to cite? ENW EndNote. Buy options.Temimi has an expertise in environmental sensing and modeling.

Temimi obtained his Ph.

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Temimi holds over ten years of extensive experience in industry and academia. He has been very successful in initiating several externally funded projects supported by a number of key stakeholders in the region like Etihad Airways or the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. Temimi authored and co-authored more than 70 publications in peer-reviewed journals and referred conference proceedings.

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He contributed to the publication of five books. In addition, he supervised several post-doctoral scientists, PhD and MSc. Hydraulics and Hydrology Hydraulique et hydrologie. Saad Bennis. Marouane Temimi. Apply Now. Temimi holds over ten years of extensive experience in industry and academia Before joining Khalifa University, as Associate Professor member of the Water and Environmental Engineering Program, inDr.

Teaching Areas. Water resources Hydrology Remote sensing Ground Hydrology. Research Interests. Hydrological Sciences Journal. Multi-criteria evaluation of land suitability for irrigated agriculture in arid environment using an integrated AHP-GIS modeling.

coviello, irina

Sustainability Journal. Atmospheric Research. Volume1 JanuaryPages Wehbe, Y. Evaluation and inter-comparison of satellite soil moisture products using in-situ observations over Texas, U. Water Journal. Water9 6; doi: Zhao, J.

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science. Volume5 MarchPages — Remote Sens. Analysis of bloom conditions in fall in the Strait of Hormuz using satellite observations and model simulations. Marine Pollution Bulletin. VolumeIssues 1—2, 15 FebruaryPages — In Preparation close to final version.

Modeling of circulation in the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of Oman: Skill assessment and seasonal thermohaline structure. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 3 International Journal of Remote Sensing 37 8To browse Academia. Skip to main content.

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Log In Sign Up. Irina Coviello. Grimaldi,1 I. Coviello,2 T. Lacava,1,2 N. Pergola,1,2 and V.

coviello, irina

Timely detection and continuous update of information are fundamental to reduce oil spill environmental impact. In this paper, we present a new algorithm, based on the general Robust Satellite Technique RST approach, for automatic near-real-time oil spill detection and continuous monitoring i. In particular, a dense temporal series of RST-based oil spill maps, obtained by using Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer-thermal infrared records acquired in both daytime and night- time during the 25—29 April period, are shown and commented.

In recent years, the exploitation of which can also be directly caused by natural phenomena. As marine resources has strongly increased, and as a conse- an example, more than 17, barrels of crude oil were quence, platform or tanker accidents have become more and released into the Gulf of Mexico as a consequence of the more frequent.

The explosion of the Deepwater Horizon passage of the hurricanes Katrina and Rita over those areas during [Hogarth, ; Pine, ; Cruz and Kraus- 1 Department of Engineering and Physics of the Environment mann,].

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Besides these huge events, the main causes of oil sea pol- 2 Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis lution are operational discharges from tankers i. All these Copyright by the American Geophysical Union. All of space-time scale. Moreover, they require the supervision and expe- tion and products are timely delivered and made available. In this work, we focus more on data acquired by passive The integration of both methodologies i.

In fact, passive is what might guarantee the best results. A series of such systems may be used in combination with synthetic attempts in this direction have been made over the last few aperture radar SAR systems, which still represent the best years in the framework of different international projects instruments both for oil spill detection and monitoring [Liu et e.

The satellite sensor suite Passive optical sensors on board meteorological satellites, used includes SAR and optical data, ensuring a frequent although potentially limited by cloud cover that prevents the revisit time of any Mediterranean Sea area. Regarding the Earth surface observation from space, are particularly useful optical data, Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradi- for the study of such events.

The few methods proposed up supervision and cannot be fully implemented automatically. Thus, oil-polluted areas ], has been proposed. The [Casciello et al. As a consequence, oil of a near real time oil spill disaster monitoring system.

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This event is particularly interesting because and 32 respectively, In this way, the short revisiting time similar to nighttime acquisitions i.The elections will coincide with the U.

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